Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

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* Equally contributed first authorship

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- Featured in [YTN사이언스][헤럴드경제][파이낸셜뉴스][뉴스1][충청뉴스][후생신보][워크투데이][산업일보][베리타스알파] November, 2021

Metasurface-driven for optically variable devices

Metasurfaces provide a new window of opportunity to precisely control the various properties of light. Light-matter interactions in plasmonic and dielectric nanostructures offer an innovative way to encode information to prevent counterfeits. The secure information is decoded only under incident light with the correct optical key. The cover describes a luminous lock and key with representative nanostructures to embody the metasurface-driven optically variable devices.

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Electrically Tunable Bifocal Metalens

In article number 2102646, Junsuk Rho and co-workers present an electrically tunable bifocal metalens operating at visible wavelengths by combining a metalens that exploits both propagation and geometric phase with a liquid crystal cell to control the state of the incident circularly polarized light. Diffraction limited focusing and real-time imaging of stacked positive targets are experimentally demonstrated.

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Dual-Band Operating Metaholograms

A reflective metahologram working at visible and near-infrared domains has been demonstrated by Junsuk Rho and co-workers (see article number 2100609). To realize a pragmatic and security-enhanced anticounterfeit display technology, such a dual-band metahologram with heterogeneous meta-atoms comprised of gold and silicon is proposed. The device can project two different holographic images under visible and near-infrared light illumination.

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Atomically Thin Semiconductors

In article number 2102893, Junsuk Rho, Kyoung-Duck Park, and co-workers develop a triple-sharp-tips nano-antenna to facilitate radiative emissions of the localized states in 2D semiconductors. The localized exciton is deterministically induced and probed at room temperature through this novel concept of tip-enhanced cavity-spectroscopy. This new approach provides a practical way to control single-photon generation at room temperature, which is the centerpiece of quantum optical communications.

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"Confine-and-shine" strategy was discovered to homogeneously laminate the different surface curvatures of plasmonic nanocrystals with ultrathin conformal layers of diverse catalytic noble metals, which endows highly useful catalytic functionality on the plasmonic nanocrystal surface without adversely affecting the localized surface-plasmon resonance properties.

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174. Minkyung Kim, Dasol Lee and Junsuk Rho+, "Spin Hall effect under arbitrarily polarized or unpolarized light", Laser and Photonics Reviews 15, 2100138, 2021 (doi: 10.1002/lpor.202100138) [IF: 13.138] (JCR 5% in Optics/Physics, Applied/Physics, Condensed Matter) [arXiv:2101.08938]

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Spin Hall Effect

In article number 2100138, Minkyung Kim, Dasol Lee, and Junsuk Rho propose an approach towards the spin Hall effect of light that is independent of the incident polarization state. A symmetrical splitting of an incident light into two circularly polarized light is demonstrated under arbitrarily polarized light and unpolarized light when the two linear polarization states have the same reflection coefficient. The polarization-independent spin Hall effect of light will widen the applicability of the spin-dependent optical devices to cover randomly polarized or unpolarized sources.

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Visibly transparent radiative cooler

A transparent radiative cooler that is designed to reflect non-visible solar energy and to radiate its thermal energy through the atmospheric window while preserving transparency is proposed by Heon Lee, Junsuk Rho and co-workers in article number 2002226. The authors present a multilayer consisting of six dielectric layers and demonstrate that the proposed cooler reduces the temperature by more than ten degrees under direct sunlight. The cooler that provides transparency and radiative cooling effect will broaden the feasibility of radiative cooling applications.

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Holographic gas sensors

A compact platform flashes a visual alarm if a volatile gas is present.

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Scalable metalenses in the near-infrared

Ultrathin metalenses are considered as key elements for miniaturized nanophotonic devices, but manufacturing of such metalenses still remains challenging. The illustration presents a printable metalens made of silicon nanoparticle composite, which demonstrates a high-contrast imaging performance in the near-infrared. Indeed, this metalens can be fabricated solely by one step of printing without any secondary operations such as thin film deposition and etching.

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