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-   "Hyperbolic metamaterials for the enhanced spin-Hall effect"Featured as “Cover Article” of 2019 October issue

Hyperbolic metamaterials for the enhanced spin-Hall effect

The cover art depicts the spin-dependent transverse splitting, which is called the optical spin Hall effect, while propagating a vertical hyperbolic metamaterial. We propose and demonstrate the enhanced optical spin Hall effect by using a vertical hyperbolic metamaterial. The optic axis configuration of the vertical hyperbolic metamaterial supports polarization-sensitive transmission, leading to a gigantic transverse shift in comparison to the previous horizontal hyperbolic media, even with a thickness much smaller than the wavelength. The huge optical spin Hall effect with high efficiency will offer a way to realize spin-dependent control of compact optical devices such as filters and beam splitters.

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-   "Tunable metasurfaces"Featured as “Back Cover Article” of 2019 February issue, Advanced Optical Materials 7, 1970016, 2019 (doi: 10.1002/adom.201970016) [IF: 7.125]

Tunable metasurfaces

In article number 1801070, Junsuk Rho and co‐workers realize polarization‐encrypted nanoprints by tunable structural coloring with a combination of symmetric and asymmetric nanoantennas. The polarization‐encrypted nanoprints designed based on Kerker's condition are decrypted under a certain polarization angle of incident light. The demonstration of the nanoprints expands the scope of metasurfaces toward novel security technologies, and thus further shows their potential for integration with smartphone applications or a variety of Internet‐of‐Things technologies.

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     * equally contributed first authorship

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-   Featured in [동아사이언스][전자신문][국민일보][세계일보][신아일보][중도일보][대구일보][경북신문][대경일보][경북도민일보][경북일보][베리타스알파][뉴스웍스] February, 2019 (in Korean)

Resistive switching memory

In the first experimental demonstration of biomolecular imaging using a hyperlens, neuron cells are imaged under visible light. A large-sized wafer-scale device, made up of an array of hyperlenses, provides high-throughput biomolecular imaging, free from the laborious task of positioning samples precisely on single hyperlenses. The cover art depicts the conditions for imaging, where a neuron cell is lined up with one of the many hyperlenses in the array. The high compatibility of hyperlens devices with conventional microscopes and scalable nanoimprinting fabrication for mass production support their potential usage in imaging applications, including real-time super-resolution biological imaging.

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    * equally contributed first authorship

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    * equally contributed first authorship

-   Featured in [뉴시스][뉴시스2][NSP통신][경북도민일보][경북일보][대경일보][이웃집과학자] December, 2018 (in Korean)

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    * equally contributed first authorship

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    + co-corresponding authorship

 “Metasurfaces: scrambling light for 3D detection and recognition", Featured in "Editorial Summary",  Light: Science and Applications 7, 2018 [IF: 14.000]

-  Featured in [포항KBS][영상Link@9'47"][영상Link@2'17"] September, 2018 (in Korean)

-   Featured in [동아사이언스][전자신문][세계일보][뉴시스][대경일보][경북도민일보][영남일보][경북뉴스][베리타스알파][신아일보] September, 2018 (in Korean)

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-  Featured in [대구MBC][포항MBC] July, 2018 (in Korean)

-   Featured in [전자신문][동아사이언스][세계일보][뉴시스][뉴스웍스][대경일보][경북도민일보][NSP통신][베리타스알파] July, 2018 (in Korean)

56.     Dasol Lee, Yang Doo Kim, Minkyung Kim, Hak-Jong Choi, Jungho Mun, Trevon Badloe, Duc Minh Nguyen, Kyunghoon Kim, Jong G. Ok, Heon Lee and Junsuk Rho, "Realization of wafer-scale hyperlens device for sub-diffractional biomolecular imaging"ACS Photonics 5, 2549-2554, 2018 (doi: 10.1021/acsphotonics.7b01182) [IF: 6.880] (JCR 7% in Optics)

-   "Hyprelens for biological imaging"Featured as “Cover Article” of 2018 July issue 

-   Featured in [YTN Science][연합뉴스][국민일보][경북신문][경북일보][대경일보][NSP통신][노컷뉴스][베리타스알파] January, 2018 (in Korean)

Hyperlens for biological imaging

In the first experimental demonstration of biomolecular imaging using a hyperlens, neuron cells are imaged under visible light. A large-sized wafer-scale device, made up of an array of hyperlenses, provides high-throughput biomolecular imaging, free from the laborious task of positioning samples precisely on single hyperlenses. The cover art depicts the conditions for imaging, where a neuron cell is lined up with one of the many hyperlenses in the array. The high compatibility of hyperlens devices with conventional microscopes and scalable nanoimprinting fabrication for mass production support their potential usage in imaging applications, including real-time super-resolution biological imaging.

55.     Dedi Mardiansyah*, Trevon Badloe*, Kuwat Triyana, Niloufar Raeis-Hosseini, Muhammad Qasim Mehmood, Harsojo Sabarman, Kyunghoon Kim and Junsuk Rho"Effect of temperature on the oxidation of Cu nanowires and development of an easy to produce, oxidation-resistant transparent conducting electrode using a PEDOT:PSS coating"Scientific Reports 810639, 2018 (doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-28744-9) [IF: 4.011]

    * equally contributed first authorship

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    + co-corresponding authorship

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-  Featured in [KBS][중앙일보][동아일보][매일경제][연합뉴스][동아사이언스][한겨례][한국경제][디지탈타임스][뉴스1][EBN][베리타스알파][한국대학신문][인사이트][삼성장학회] April, 2018 (in Korean)

Particle reflection

Advances in nanofabrication have enabled studies of chirality to extend from conventional ‘mirror image’ molecules seen in organic chemistry to three-dimensional metallic nanostructures. Similar to their organic counterparts these metallic structures display optical activity with each mirror-image form interacting differently with circularly polarized visible light. This optical activity is rooted in plasmonic effects which derive from the way the structures’ morphology affects oscillations of electrons in the material. In this issue Ki Tae Nam and Junsuk Rho demonstrate a solution-based method for synthesizing homogenous highly chiral gold nanoparticles and controlling their respective chiral properties. The researchers induce chirality by growing the gold in the presence of cysteine or cysteine-based peptides which enantioselectively bind to high-index crystallographic planes of the gold seeds. The process could lead to new opportunities in chiral sensing and active colour displays.

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    + co-corresponding authorship

    * equally contributed first authorship

 “Plasmonics: Nano-accordions playing the music of light", Featured in "Research Summary",  NPG Asia Materials 10, 2018 [IF: 8.052]

 “Multiple electromagnetic responses from accordion-like plasmonic nanorods", Featured in Nanowerk, April, 2018

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-  Featured in a themed collection of Nanoscale Most Popular Articles in 2018 [Nanoscale Most Popular Articles] February, 2019

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    * equally contributed first authorship

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-   “Advanced Optical Materials Top 5 – September 2017", Featured in Advanced Science News, September, 2017

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    + co-corresponding authorship

    * equally contributed first authorship

-   “武大版超材料全息片研制成功", Featured in Wuhan News, September, 2017

-   “双磁共振硅界面: 光学超表面工业应用困局的突破", Featured in Materials News, October, 2017

-   Featured in [YTN 사이언스 TV News] October, 2017 (in Korean)

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[Domestic - Pending]
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